Thursday, 14 April 2016


On Tuesday Room 1 had another amazing day at Sunnyhills School as we were lucky enough to have Hamish and Adrianne from Big Foot Adventures  teach us about bike safety.

We had our own bikes and helmets checked. It was interesting to know that 21 helmets were either the wrong size, had straps that weren't fitting correctly or helmets had cracks. Hamish and Adrienne helped us with fixing them up. To have a helmet that is a correct fit we learned to do the cyclist salute and got to know how straps need to be a 'Y' and not a 'V'. We made connections to our learning about the brain earlier in the term to wearing our helmets as they protects and keeps the brain safe from injury.

We learned about how to check if our bike is safe to use. We must check brakes, tyres, rear red reflector and make sure the quick release leavers are done up properly.

We learned the three legal requirements that a bike must have to go on the road are; two brakes, a rear red reflector and the rider must be wearing a helmet.

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  1. Hi room 1
    your bike day looked very cool I like riding my bike in the weekend and after school. Did you have fun? what did you do on your bikes?
    by Rubie and Elizabeth