Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Tread Lightly Learning

After our session with the Tread Lightly Caravan we brainstormed all our new learning.

  • Put soft plastic rubbish (plastic bags, chip packets etc) in a soft plastic rubbish bin found in the supermarket or The Warehouse
  • Cell phones in the landfills do not break down and can last more than 100 years
  • A cell phone has poison in it and if it breaks down in a landfill then the poison goes into the soil, sea and rivers
  • Hard plastic bottles can be made into clothes - polyester
  • Cell phones are made with gold, silver, copper, iron, plastic, tin
  • An old old cell phone can be given to Spark or Vodafone so they can recycle it
  • We can all take shorter showers because it will save energy
  • LED lights take less energy than other lights and are also a lot brighter
  • Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth
  • If we keep using more energy than we need we will need more Earths but we only have one!
  • Phone companies and factories make their products and intend them to break or not last long so we buy more
  • Electricity is the same as solar power - it makes things work like lights
  • Some materials can make other things like - tin cans make paper clips, soft plastic makes plastic timber, hard plastic makes polyester for clothes, glass jars can make other glass jars
  • Glass is made from sand
  • Wash your clothes in cold water
  • Solar power is from the sun
  • Use the washing line instead of the drier
  • When you have takeaways keep the plastic boxes and reuse or recycle them
  • Recycle using your green bin
  • We may have 78 cell phones in our lifetime if we change them every year
  • Plastic is made from oil
  • Don’t litter because the sea, lakes, rivers get all the rubbish that goes down the drains and some animals think it is food and then they either get sick, die or have to live with plastic ties in their mouths or on their body
  • There are two different types of plastic - soft and hard
  • Wash your car on the grass so soapy water doesn’t go out to the sea through the drains

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