Friday, 26 February 2016

Piha Camp 2016

Room 1 has just had the most fantastic two days for our Piha Camp 2016.

We had a stunning day at Piha where we learned about water safety, rips, being sun smart and all about Piha Lifesaving Club from the amazing Lifeguards Dani, Ashley, MacKenzie and Lellani.

In the water we learned how to duck dive under the waves, we boogie boarded and had fun in the waves. At times the water was shallow only to our knees but often became deeper very quickly as the waves rolled in.
We learned how waves are very powerful even in shallow water and if we get knocked over we must stand up as soon as we can and walk out.

Next week Room 1 will be reviewing our learning of the 10 Rules to Keep Safe in the Surf, how to be Sun Smart, what a rip looks like and what to do if you are in a rip and what the flags mean that we see at all beaches.

After coming back to school we had a yummy dinner, played some games, had a swim in our pool, sang some songs and had a boogie, got a story read to us then went to bed.

The Year 4's went home after dinner and came back refreshed in the morning to join in games, swims and camp skits.


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  1. It was such a fun day out at Piha and a privilege to share this experience with you all. I really enjoyed staying the night in the hall too!

  2. Looks fabulous Room 1, nothing like a day learning outside the class.

  3. Tracey (Sophie's Mum)1 March 2016 at 09:42

    What a super cool day we all had. You guys were amazing at how you were ducking and diving under the surf and having a go at things you hadn't done before. Thanks Mrs Poole for letting me be a part of this amazingly organised trip. I loved every minute.