Thursday, 3 March 2016

Toku Mihimihi - My Self Introduction

A mihimihi is a short greeting to introduce our self to other people in te reo Maori.
It is an important part of the process of meeting people for the first time.

Room 1 have been learning to write, read and present our own mihimihi in te reo Maori.
Our mihi includes where we come from, our nationality (iwi), mountain (maunga) and river (awa), school, age and name. We have worked collaboratively to help each other with our pronunciation and understanding.

To know who we are, we have to know where we come from.


  1. Tracey (Sophie's Mum)3 March 2016 at 18:59

    Room 1 you are all super stars !! Very clear speaking voices and beautifully presented. Well done. I think Mrs Poole has some future TV presenters amongst you gorgeous kids.

  2. Kau mau te wehi, ruma tahi!
    Fantastic, room 1!
    I love that you have each individually recorded your mihi/pepeha. I will have to come and deliver you mine!

  3. Wow fabulous Room 1. I liked your clear voices and confidant speaking. Its so lovely to see some of my old new entrants so grown up. Well done.

  4. Awesome work Room 1, you all spoke so well and clear, it was great to find out about you all. Thank you Mrs Poole for sharing this with us.
    Keep up the great work Room 1.

  5. great job room 1, I remember last year when I was is Mrs Poole's class I did Mihi's too!

  6. Awesome !! Excellent job room 1 ��

  7. Awesome work room 1.Your mihis where amazing.Your voices where nice and loud we could hear it threw the computer with heaps of people talking. Where did you get the information to write your mihi?