Monday, 21 March 2016

Summer Is ...

Room 1 have been very busy writers writing poems. We worked collaboratively in groups writing about Summer is ...
We were learning to use adjectives to make our sentence interesting, listen to someone else's idea and give each other feedback and feed forward.
Our poems are displayed so when it is no longer hot and humid and it's cold and frosty we can read to remind us what ...

Summer is ...

playing cricket in the boiling sun - Shreyas
sunbathing at the beach soaking up the heat - Matthew D
jumping into a freezing pool - Jacob
jumping in the crystal clear water - Zaina
sparkling water shining by the hot sandy beach - Cathy
delicious ice cream drizzling down my chin - Charlotte
watching television and relaxing with a cool drink - Daniel
playing tennis on the hot concrete - Trelise
food sizzling on the barbecue - Azalea
collecting shellfish from the sharp rocks - Shayden
helping Dad with the barbecue and telling him when to turn the sizzling sausages - Neil
swimming in the shimmering water at my house - Aya
ice cream dribbling down my chin and onto my neck - David
doing front flips on my trampoline - Na'eemah
boogie boarding in the cold waves - Washington
stuffing my face with delicious ice cream - Emily
drinking icy cold water - Andrew
running in a nice deep pool - Sophie
swimming in the blue salty waves - Mark
going outside in the fresh air with my friends - Doreen
sweating every time you go outside - Callum
going outside and cooling down under a tree - Emma
going camping and swimming in the peaceful river - Jade
going down the big dark water slides at the pools - Bianca
having a yummy picnic under the beautiful pohutakawa trees - Aadi

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